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Unknown (2011)

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A relatively recent movie...which was awful. You guys could go on for hours just talking about how crappy January Jones' acting was. And then you have the plot, characters, and every other thing this movie did wrong. Go for it!

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It’s the perfect Thanksgiving movie... as it actually takes place over Thanksgiving.

Liam Neeson has a particularly set of skills... he just can’t remember them.

It’s not particularly bonkers but it is bad. 

One odd part of the movie is that you’re expecting Liam Neeson to kick tons of ass except he is constantly just standing by and watching others do his work. 

There is a decent twist but it is very slow to get there. The only saving grace is that it could set up a Liam Neeson cinematic action movie universe.

Worth a watch if you’re bingeing his film 👍🏻


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