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Drakkar Jaune

Even rarer demo version of "How Does It Feel (To Be In R.E.M.? (Good))"

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I wanted to share this incredible find that I came across on some sketchy Russian mp3 website when I was looking for REM demos.  All it said was "Михаи́л Стипенд 1983" for the credit, which piqued my interest, since that's around the release of Murmur, one of my favorite REM albums.  Unfortunately, my computer now seems to be infected with quite a few viruses, rendering it almost unusable, but in the end, it was all worth it.

Much credit to user Jordo for posting the other version.  If I hadn't had heard that, I would have never known what this song was supposed to be.    

I've uploaded the file to my Soundcloud below...enjoy!


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