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Episode 148 - Harry Nelson, Wolf Den Producer

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I'll start this one for you, July: "Harry Nelson, studio manager and producer at Earwolf New York, joins Lex on the Wolf Den. The two discuss the history of The Wolf Den, and how the show evolved over the past seven(!) years on the network. Harry also explains how a post on Reddit got him his job at Earwolf, and finally asks Lex what exactly his job is here at Midroll. This episode is brought to you by Clockwise.io (www.clockwise.io)."

First, thank God us Wolf Heads finally got the deep dive into Lex's MacWorld days we've been craving since they were first tantalizingly teased oh so many months ago.

Second, anybody (July, I know you know) want to reveal the Stitcher Premium show inculcating dangerous hate levels? The dates mentioned coincide suspiciously with the last aired episode of The Complete Woman ... 🤔

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