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Audio guy wants in!

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hey Earwolf pals...your occasional colleague from Austin, Tx here.  I'm the guy who records/mixes

many of your podcasts during SxSW Comedy Festival from Esther's Follies.  


I wanted to let you know that if you ever need another ear/hand with your podcasts

I would be MOST happy to join your team.  I'd be willing to re-locate (hint...get me OUT OF TEXAS!)

or I can work remotely if you prefer.


That is all.  keep up the great work, and thank you.




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I am pretty sure we (Earwolf) will be hiring more engineers early next year, and that other departments are hiring right now. Just keep your eye on this page: http://www.midroll.com/jobs/

(And make sure you write my name down as your referrer 😉)

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