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terry silver

The Karate Kid Part III (1989)

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John Kreese teams up with billionaire businessman and President of Dynatox Industries, Terry Silver, to seek out revenge against a teenager for winning a small karate tournament against his dojo a couple years ago.


What could be better than this??!!!




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I have always dreamed of being an evil businessman with a karate dojo. Preferably in the basement of my office building like in The Last Dragon, but using them to start petty fights with people and sicking my evil dojo on people would be great. I would also be fine with an evil youth league team that only plays in black uniforms, makes all sorts of cheap shots and illegally recruits kids from out of district.

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Step 1. Use mind games and sadistic ringer to win karate tournament in the San Fernando Valley.


2. Pollute the Earth.


3. ???



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I thought Mike Barnes was underrated as a villain. Especially that first fight he and Danny had, where he's critiquing his technique, while he's kicking his ass.

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Just recently saw this movie for the first time after a Karate Kid marathon, and it's absolutely one of the most ridiculous movies I've ever seen.


After Cobra Kai instructor, John Kreese, was "humiliated" in the first part and beginning of the second part, he loses his job and mind, and become obseesed with taking revenge on Daniel (Macchio) and Miyagi (Morita). But Kreese isn't even the crazy in this movie - it's the owner of Cobra Kai and a really shady toxic waste disposal bu sines, Mr. Terry Silver, that makes this movie bonkers. He's like a Disney villain in an 90s action comedy. It's ridiculous.


It would be such a great movie for the show, and we got HDTGM veteran, Robin Lively in here also!


It'd also be super relevant right now since Macchio is coming back for the Cobra Kai movie.


Check out the IMDB page and trailer:



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With season 2 of Kora Kai coming out later this year, now would be the perfect time to finally visit this awesome film. 







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