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Episode 252 - Joe Mande, Our Southern Fried Friend

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Rumours that next ep is double length and will be entirely made up of the popcorn gallery. The boys NEED lots of questions to make this work. The guest is a “famous Esther”. My guess is Fred.

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Dear Fred,

Well, It's that time of year. My son is all ready and excited to graduate again, but I'm not sure how to celebrate. Do I buy him a new gaming system or just take him out and treat him to a nice dinner? He keeps saying that he hates either option, but you know how teenagers can be. I'm probably going to skip both and throw him a backyard pool party. What do you think? Thanks for your time and for all you do for us, have a great day!


Your friend,


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Hi Esther,

Was it hard picking between two handsome podcast hosts (or a handsome podcast host and handsome sidekick) for a romantic interest in your show or was it a no brainer and was it because one didn't know what offer only was? Follow up, how is hot chicks been?

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