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Audio, Dialogue & Voice Clean-Up/Repair/Editing

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Hi Friends :)

Do you need a highly experience audio engineer to help take your podcasts to the next level?

I'm a sound designer who is skilled at audio editing and post production services for;

Voice Over
Radio Shows
Audio Lectures
Audio Presentations
Recorded interviews, and
Audios for Video/Game Projects.

What I can do to your audio project include (but not limited to);

Audio cutting
Removal of unwanted mouth noises, hums, electric buzz and pops, etc.
Removal all background and hiss noises
Removal unnecessary pauses
Audio restoration
Apply Equalization, Compression, De-Essing, Saturation and stereo widener if necessary.

I am open to custom orders and offers. Ensure to e-mail me to work out details.

*For noise reduction tasks, please send me a sample of your audio before ordering, then I will let you know is it fixable and to what degree, once I review it. 

Website: www.CpawsMusic.com

E-mail: CpawsMusic@gmail.com

Looking forward to a successful project with you!

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