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Episode 253 - Little Esther, Our Brand Ambassador

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On 8/30/2018 at 8:32 AM, nohorseman said:

countin down to labor day folks



Thanos is so chill now that he's retired, Hope that weird boy unable to stop watching mummy and Poppa Than get their groove on doesn't find dad's box of old space stuff, unless there's cameras on when he does because Avengers 6 just wrote itself all they have to do is follow lil' Thanny Jr. as he puts on glove and uses it to perv out across the universe

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I'm now following Little Esther on Instagram and I have discovered something:  uhh... she kinda cute.  Just sayin.

(Don't try and blackmail me either, my wife knows that I did not disable my attractiveness-detection-chip upon getting married.  Sorry!  I just didn't.  No apologies.  I did trade my gaydar chip for a icecream-van-detection rig and for some reason I was never born with Jewdar so they just walk among us and I can't even tell.  It's kind of scary, but I think they're all nice, so it's more like they'll pop out and surprise me with a bouquet of flowers instead of a vampire bite, but I'm just not good with surprises either way.)

My brother wasn't that keen on this episode and thought she kinda sucked until I explained that a) her repertoire/banter with the boys was a canon established upon her first appearance on the show and is therefore good and not bad, and, b) she's kinda cute, which is this day and age is not a replacement for being smart and funny and nice and is certainly no get out of jail free card, but being cute really helps keep other people's eye muscles engaged and active and therefore is a healthy alternative lifestyle that I heartily approve of.

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