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Episode 112 - State of the Unions

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Negin takes a break from the weekly news grind to deliver an episode that packs a punch! An all-star cast joins Negin for a Labor Day chat about unions, a debate on tipping and some tips on how to argue. The panel includes Judah Friedlander (30 Rock), Stephanie Butnick (Unorthodox), MC Frontalot (Question Bedtime), Mike Pesca (The Gist), Benari Poulten (The Nightly Show) and Scott Blakeman (Laughing Liberally).

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Damn Negin, I feel sorry for your husband. Let the poor guy close the shade! What difference does his reason make if it gives him some modicum of comfort and/or joy? The better question is... how are you using these blinds? Are you yanking on the cord like you're trying to start a mower? Does he do a Tarzan impression every night, swinging from window to window? If used properly shades should last a really long time. Simply opening and closing them once a day shouldn't significantly shorten their lifespan. Maybe there is a shade operating tutorial you two can watch on YouTube and then your husband can go back to using the shades, which he clearly wants to do. 

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