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Episode 564 - Svelte Scale

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Zach Galfianakis (Baskets) returns to join Scott to chat about how the writers get prepared to write Baskets, his brand, and making bricks. Then, royal watcher Byron Denniston is back to talk about his interactions with royal babies. Plus, superstar musician Celine Dion stops by in her search for inspiration for her new album.

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Not a joke about the wrong podcast. I don't really like how this cast quickly decended down a rabbit hole of child kidnapping, cannibalism, poisoning and references of demons.

Usually Andy Daly is on point but there is nothing funny about making light of harm to children even in a joking manner. If jokes come from hidden truths...what do you all talk about off air and participate in?

At this point will the next podcast include a character joking about sucking on adrenochrome or adrenal glands from dead babies and the hilarious stories of the results? 

I expect more than poor taste in the "comedy" on Comedy Bang Bang.


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