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Guest's You'd Like To See Sail Through The Sklar Port

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Here my list
Jesse Hughes / Josh Homme
Simon Pegg / Nick Frost
James Roday / Dulé Hill
Fred Armisen / Carrie Brownstein
Slovin / Allen
Mike Judge
Brad Neely
Matt Smith
The Auto-Tune The News Fellows
Anyone who has starred opposite Steve Seagal in a motion picture

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Fred & Carrie would be a great fit for the show (plus I'm kinda obsessing over Portlandia since they're getting it all hyped up for the season 2 launch...watch the first ep online if you haven't seen it yet...it's sooooo good! ok, done gushing). Also would love to hear Pegg on the show, too.

And while we're on comedians who have books, Mindy Kaling would be someone who I think would be fun for the podcast. I think we have a good reference of how awesome the ladies are on the air, even when they're not totally sporty (ex. Kathy Griffin).

Has Tom Lennon been on yet? If so, I'm forgetting and that's because it was a while back, but he is one of my absolute favorite people to listen to on podcasts. Also, getting to hear another side of Scott Aukerman himself could be a really interesting show, too.

Anyone else got ideas...?

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Jim Rome

Ricky Gervais

Stephen Merchant

Iliza Shelsinger

Bill Hader

Andy Sandberg

Joe Rogan

The Real Vin Scully

Jay Mohr (again)

Maria Bamford (again)

Scott Norwood

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I'm down with any guest as long as they're interesting. But if we're making lists of ideal Sklar guests:


- Petros & Money

- Rich Eisen

- Matt Besser

- Nick Offerman

- Doug Benson

- Michael Ian Black

- Chris Hardwick (again)

- Thomas Lennon & Ben Garrant


This could go on for a while...I'll leave it at that.

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