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Episode 361 - Time-Traveling Apostle

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Ian Roberts, Mary Holland, and Lou Wilson join Matt Besser for this week’s improv4humans! They’ll perform scenes about a sports fan with an obnoxious cheer, an extremely suspicious laundromat, and a diagnosis from a fake doctor. Later, Jesus offers cosmetic perks to his apostles, mechanics make a game out of guessing their customers’ problems, and a farmer gives his chickens a fighting chance.



(:33-17:27) Intro Story- Superbowl ‘Woo Guy’- An obnoxious sports fan disturbs everyone in the stands
around them.
(17:37-25:05) Discussion- Better Call Saul- A laundromat that is clearly hiding something.
(26:52-34:31) What the Fuck is Going On- Fake Doctor- A guy gets a dark diagnosis from a fake doctor
(34:37-44:41) Crap on YouTube- Fortnite and Jesus- Jesus offers benefits for more work among his
(45:41-57:17) What the Fuck is Going On- Thomas the Tank Engine- Mechanics create a game around
customers trying to explain their issues.
(57:25-1:04:36) Crap on YouTube- Explaining Snow- People reveal the things they didn’t understand as
(1:04:44-1:12:57) Let’s Talk Some More About That- Crawdaddies- A farmer’s market that gave the
animals a fighting chance to live.
(1:12:03-1:21:31) Let’s Talk Some More About That- Trout Farm- A grandfather teaches his grand
daughter how to catch and release fish property.

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