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Episode 362 - Murder by Death & Jason Ghosts #JasonJasFin

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Special musical guest Murder by Death returns to improv4humans along with improvisers Brian Huskey, Betsy Sodaro, and Eugene Cordero! Murder by Death plays songs off their latest album “The Other Shore” that inspire scenes about which holidays astronauts can come out of cryosleep for, a guitar-shaped spacecraft, and an artist whose work gets drastically misinterpreted. Plus, a sleep study deals with troublesome patients, and a homesick space colonist can’t find anything good to say about his new planet.


(0:55 - 22:28) Lets Listen To A Song - “Only Time” [1:58 - 5:29] 1. Astronaut programs his android companion for the space trip (5:37 - 16:41) 2. NASA makes a guitar-shaped spaceship (16:44 - 22:28)

(23:15 - 45:11) Lets Listen To Another Song - “Traveling Far” [24:26 - 26:39] 1. Artist has their work mistakenly interpreted as homages to movies (26:40 - 34:07) 2. Sleep study patients derail the study with questions (34:10 - 45:11)

(45:12 - 57:19) Let’s Listen To Another Song - “Chasing Ghosts” [46:13 -49:49] Coming up with a new “Jason” action movie

(57:20 - 1:11:15) Let’s Listen To Another Song - “Last Night On Earth” [58:34 - 1:03:43] A homesick space colonist can’t say anything nice about his new planet

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