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Episode 75 - How Does Global Health Affect Everything? with Dr. Laura Ferguson

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Dr. Laura Ferguson is an assistant professor of preventive medicine at the University of Southern California and the associate director of the Program on Global Health & Human Rights at the USC Institute for Global Health. She joins Jonathan to discuss the importance of global health and its impact on day-to-day life.

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Jonathan. I really enjoy your podcast. However, you were very flippant about “vaccine naysayers” on this podcast stating that none of it was based on science. I suggest you do a podcast on the potential dangers of vaccinations and how the CDC and big pharma are trying to keep us uninformed. Did you know that no pharmaceutical company can be sued due to adverse side effects from vaccines?  Also, shouldn’t we question why there has never been a study comparing the health of vaccinated versus non vaccinated populations (such as the Amish). I’m not anti-vaccines, but I am about protecting our rights to choose what we can do to our bodies. 

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Can’t wait for my kids to get Polio and smallpox, thank the heavens above people chose internet conspiracy memes over science or they would have lived long, healthy lives like some fancy book readin’  libtard. 

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