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Freddy Raccoon

What's down, coldcat?

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GOD DAMNIT MUST THIS MAN, HIM, ME,  I LIVE IN PERPETUAL SHAME FOR HIS, MINE, MY TRIVIAL SIN OF CARING TOO MUCH....Pause for crowd to catch it's collective breath after I just swept the leg Johnny'd them all, emotionally, in the leg. It was there in the leg that I done did sweeping them with emotions, Johnny's leg style. You see, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, it's quite easy to see the damage that this one slip of the catchedphrasius linguitairium, otherwise known as "the tongue" which mother phrasius and father phrasius understand the reasonings why you would change your name to tongue but that doesn't mean we HAVE TO LIKE IT...Pa use for crowd to catch a rising star, when none is brought to me I improvise: YES....AND?...Pause for crowd to catch a big fish. When no water located to go fishing in due to us being in a courtroom it is suddenly remembered why the courtroom is packed so the judge immediately calls for recess in order for us to forget again. I immediately peg Mark of teh Best in the ear with a dodgeball made of prison shanks. I warned him if he lumped me into the CCC against my will I would have to take drastic action and leave spastic fractions. The former was in the form of ______________________________heh heh, that blank space is a virtual reality preview of what Mark's hearing is like for the next few months. For the latter I rolled around in chalk dust and had multiple seizures on my way home from Mark's reckoning. CCClass was now in session, bitch. Which means I'm late, may I be excused?


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