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Episode 3 - Jack Bauer He 24 Big Hit

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Scott, Paul and Lauren discuss what decade they wouldn't want to live in and embarrassing childhood memories. Then the three hosts play the game Switch It and Pitch It.

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Thank you to all 3 of you for making me look like a crazy person. I am a painter by trade and this podcast literally had me wheezing with fits of uproarious laughter whilst trying to remain near the top of a 20' ladder while holding my paint and trying to brush a straight line. People without a doubt thought i was a mental patient on a day pass as they heard a loud, prolonged cackle ring out from above their heads. I'm not one to usually comment on a podcast, but the pure joy this podcast has given me can not go un-thanked, so THANK YOU Paul, Scott & Lauren. Threedom You 3 BIG hit! 

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