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Episode 365 - They Could've Had a V8

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Beth Appel, Aman Adumer, and Ali Ghandour join Matt Besser for this week’s improv4humans! We’ll meet a weed-obsessed border patrol agent, a principal determined to learn the newest schoolyard slang, and a teamwork-oriented superhero squad. Plus, a trick-or-treater changes his costume to receive more candy, and a grandma finds a way to put V8 into everything.


(0:00 - 8:39) Intro Story - Getting notes after your stand up show - a stand-up’s whole set is about some guy named Tommy

(8:40 - 14:20) WTF is going on - Canadians are being banned from US for having smoked pot - a border patrol agent interrogates about weed use

(14:21 - 20:19) LTSMAT - these wacky weed policies - Getting detained at the border for declaring your Country Bits

(20:20 - 28:50) Twitter Suggestion - bastard - dealing with a big increase in cursing on the schoolyard/find out what new swears the kids are using on the schoolyard

(28:51 - 41:13) LTSMAT - What do people mean when they say dad rock? - A Frasier-like college freshman learns to appreciate pop culture

(41:14 - 47:53) Question from Twitter - What’s your worst bus or plane ride? - A flight attendant answers difficult questions from first-time fliers

(47:54 - 55:03) Let’s Talk Some More About That - Who is your favorite Avenger? - The Hero Crew doesn’t want to let in a godlike superhero because they’re focused on teamwork

(55:04 - 1:03:26) Twitter Suggestion - What have you almost gotten away with? -  a trick or treater changes up their halloween costume to get extra candy, but not enough

(1:03:27 - 1:13:31) Question from Listener - What’s a smell that reminds you of a childhood memory? - a grandma who puts V8 into everything

(1:13:32 - 1:19:03) Let’s Talk Some More About That - Wow, I could have had a V8! Commercial - directing a better V8 commercial

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