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127. Blow Up (w/ Brian J. Moylan, Shira Caspe Weiss)

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Danielle and Casey are joined by Housewives Historian Brian J. Moylan and he has a big announcement. (HINT: He will be making more money off the housewives backs!) They discuss OC, DALLAS and where the franchise is headed. Dream of dreamzzzz they are all then joined by 90 Day Fiancé Historian Shira Caspe Weiss who explains why the tide is turning and why we must all hop aboard. 

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Don’t underestimate the family name dynasties!  This stuff about being an alcoholic is an ever deeper dig because it is drawing out whether she is “really” a Simmons since her “natural” dad was not a Simmons and an alcoholic. Now according to Matriarch Jimmy, D’Andra is  soiling the Simmons name! 

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