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Episode 81 - What is Astronomy Even? with Paul Geithner

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Paul Geithner is the Deputy Project Manager — Technical for the James Webb Space Telescope at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. Paul joins Jonathan to give him a crash course in what the electro-magnetic spectrum is, how space debris can effect space programs, the vastness of space, his work with the James Webb Space Telescope and more.

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This is one of my favorite episodes because of how endearing and patient Paul Geithner. I just loved his responses to Johnathan the entire episode, he didn't sound condescending at all or dismiss Johnathan's questions or comments ever. I studied Astrophysics in college (but now a data science so I'm not in the Astro community anymore) and I just found Paul to be a great educator on some basic Astronomy information. Just fabulous.

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