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Episode 73 - Ryan Rosenberg, Dan Lippert, Jon Mackey, Drew Tarver - Spotlight On: Big Grande's Teacher's Lounge with Sam Weatherman, Todd Padre, Howard Levi’s, and Bill Cravy

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The finest teachers at Hamilton High School, Sam Weatherman (Ryan Rosenberg), Todd Padre (Dan Lippert), Howard Levi’s (Jon Mackey), and Bill Cravy (Drew Tarver) of Big Grande’s The Teacher’s Lounge join Marissa and Listler for a special crossover edition of WOMP It Up! We’ll hear about some of their most teachable moments, dirty talk samples, and new strides in social media before they dive into issues of familial closeness and dried-up honey holes during “What’s Cheesing You?”. Plus, the four educators give sage advice regarding unsupportive relatives and the languages of love during “Listler’s Love Lockdown” before offering words of authenticity to one another for “Spotlight On.”

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