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Episode 37 - Live from Dynasty Typewriter (w/ Tawny Newsome, Carl Tart)

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It’s a Raised By TV sleepover, live from LA’s Dynasty Typewriter with special guests Tawny Newsome and Carl Tart! After sharing some of their favorite sleepover memories, they watch a clip show of racy late night TV and bizarre commercials from the 80s and 90s. Then stick around for a high-stakes Family Guy and Homeland trivia game.

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Look, episode title, I appreciate your uplifting message to typewriters (LIVE FROM (pick up the pieces and learn from) DYNASTY (how you died such a nasty death) TYPEWRITER (typewriters), but the basic fact remains by you even bringing up how typewriters died nasty (from top of the world Kingimakers to a novelty antique and/or landfill filler, thanks a lot, word processors) you are kicking a thing when it's down and no amount of inspirational messages can wipe the newly formed blood from the scab you ripped off the handle that you push to make those clunky dinosaurs ding so cutely yet out datedly. Oh shit, I just ripped the scab of the scab and really shouldn't have posted this at all. Too late, my typewriter is missing the delete button or the white out button point is I can't erase or stop myself from hitting submit reply, thanks a lot you piece of redundant shit typewriter 

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