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Fake News?

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OK, I'm not going to bring this up on the reddits, but do you get the sneaking suspicion that this whole Pee Cast/HH thing was a set-up?  I may have my order wrong because I have no sense of time:

Step 1. (REAL) Sean throws a jab at "Parking Lot Scott" just off the cuff, but it starts taking off online and weed-fueled "producer" Chef Kevin gets an idea to stoke the fires...
Step 2. (FAKE) The boys bitch about Pee Cast Blast and make a big deal about it, the fans go wild.  "Fuck the Doughboys" becomes a thing.
Step 3. (FAKE) Scott comes on the show and confronts them about Parking Lot Scott as if he's irritated about it, also the boys bitch about Pee Cast Blast to him.  In truth he already knows all about Parking Lot Scott.
Step 4. (REAL) The HH fans go into a frothy madness online and Scott acts annoyed, but it actually raises awareness about Pee Cast so of course he is loving it.
Step 5. (FAKE) Scott throws a jab about "the worst podcast audience" (HH) on CBB to further fuel the fire.
Step 6. (REAL) BIG REVEAL - The Boys will be on Pee Cast WITH the Doughboys!
Step 7. (FAKE) Scott pretends to be annoyed and says he "shadowbanned" them from Pee Cast, but in reality he's promoting Pee Cast again and The Boys.

And there you have it.  The machinations of one Chef Kevin laid out before you.
See the boys are too cool to scheme this much because that takes effort and effort isn't cool; it takes a Kevin to do the dirty work.

Whatchu think?

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Did you invent airplanes, cause I think you're right brother.

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this is what i thought

they were doing the whole time.

sometimes fake is fun

- a haiku

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