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Episode 269 - 13 Badass Astronaut & Cosmonaut Stories Everyone Should Hear

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Space: it’s the final frontier AND somehow the least popular frontier. A couple decades of successful shuttle launches passed unnoticed. A slew of orbital science experiments didn’t excite anybody. Even the Space Race wasn’t the nation-gripping drama we decided it was retroactively. Why isn’t space travel capturing more imaginations? Why aren’t people more stoked about it? And would it help if we did a rad podcast episode about the most kickass exploits in all of space history?


On this week’s episode of The Cracked Podcast, Alex Schmidt is joined by ‘American Dad’ writer, Cracked legend, and prince of all our hearts Soren Bowie for a celebration of outer space heroics. They’ll dig into the death-defying (and sometimes, death-receiving) bravery that’s driven decades of space exploration, even though only a few of those bold explorers became famous in the aftermath. Plus, enjoy a special bonus story of how the very best of us went out into the universe in the form of a space probe.


Footnotes: http://www.cracked.com/podcast/13-badass-astronaut-cosmonaut-stories-everyone-should-hear/

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Loved the podcast. But, as somebody who was fifteen years old when Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon, I disagree with the assertion that those of us who were living during the time of the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programs were blase' about space exploration. For me, it was one of the few examples in which mankind lifted itself above the day-to-day mundanity of life on Earth and asked itself, "What else is out there?" As an example of engineering triumph, the space race stands alone.  

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