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Episode 39 — Free For All: NTK

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I hereby call to order the first ever meeting of The New Thoughter Club! Whether you resemble Mitch Hedberg, Richie Havens, Picasso, or are just a germaphode who likes cat videos you are welcome to join us in this free-for-all free form discussion of art, comedy, thoughts, creativity, and Youtube. Membership is free, all you must do to join is listen and enjoy!

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"I line the seat and then pee" caused me to spew my coffee all over one of my monitors. thanks Kyle! and you will be receiving a bill for the monitor.

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Amazing. Goddamn I loved this one. The Spanish riddler is just insane, and I wish I could draw the character that pops into my head when the Swamp Rock voice drops too... You lot rule so hard, thank you for a killer show!

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That Spanish riddle was probably the most hilarious thing that's been on the show, and that's saying something. The part where Kyle slips in "autobus" subconsciously had me absolutely dying. Tig and David, you better step your game up, cuz Kyle has been winning these recent episodes handily.

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Hey Gang,

I know that it was a 'goof' on Tig's part, but I really enjoyed the closing phrase "That's been blastoff!" It was the cherry on the whipped cream of that podcast episode.

Thank you for making my boring job a lot less boring.

Kind Regards,


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Thanks for the swamp rock shout out!


I speak Spanish and was going to translate the riddle, but couldn't get it on the first pass. I'm going to have to relisten to that one sometime.


This episode was nonstop funny. Thanks for the good one!

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The Spanish Riddler was hilarious, and the Swamp Rock Spanish Riddler even more so. Great episode! Counting down to next Blastoff...

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Me and my friends rag on each other for messing up words all the time just like Tig. It's a staple of our groups comedy.

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So this is my attempt at the dictation and translation of The Dog Is Not In Us.


El Perro no está en nosotros!


Inocente zapatos.

El porta ni la puerta.

Batatos Egipto parte mi puse bravata.

Pero titas mi Cielo autobus.


Y todos se carta pitos.

Y la pe té cartapacio o bregadó de Bétera elegantos.

Me brute enfrente quebe a cartos sin que to.

No se te nosotros abeja.

Libertaria y libre encantos lamentas se Tutazá a ti.


El perro no está en nosotros!

La puerta. La cuca de bragadura.


The Dog Is Not In Us.


Innocent shoes.

The gate keeper or the gate.

I got my part of sweet Egypt's tears.

But breasts are my sky bus.


And we all whistle letters.

And sip tea in Parliament

While Bétera struggled.

A blot or elegance.


I confront the brute Quebecers with letters sent to no one.

We will not be bees.

Libertarian and free in Tutazá.

Her charms make you sorry.


The dog is not in us.

The barrier to the crotch of your pussy.

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Actually quite political.

Makes sense considering the poem was used to define Libertad.

The hyper-sexualiized imagery you use to describe freedom is quite powerful.


Just to clear up some of the finer historical references Kyle alludes to.

Sweet Egypt's tears is clearly a reference of the Exodus of the Jewish people.


Betera was the tribal seat of power of Virathus of the Lusitanain people.

His tribe of central east Iberian peninsula were able to defeat the might of the invading Roman Empire in The War of Fire. The Roman Senate accepted his people as equals in 149 BC and they weren't enslaved but they were still incorporated into the Empire.

Were they still really free?


Some people in Quebec however have been trying to petition Canada for independence for years.


Tutaza was the site of the Battle of Boyaca in 1819. Bolivar had already defeated the forces of the Spanish Empire in the Vargas Swamp (Rock) Battle and here they landed the knock out punch that brought Colombia independence.


Is the dog in us? Do we have the hunger for freedom or are we just going to site back and let the Empire win?




Just to let you know I am a big fan and have been listening since the start. Great work.

I live in Trier, Germany possibly the oldest city in Europe. The third nipple of civilization.

Listening to your pseudo-intellectual conversations remind me of the conversations I would have with my pseudo-intellectual friends back in Portland. Thank you.


Please do a podcast on Cryptozoology. You could ask El Chupacabra to be your guest.

I am sure he would get along with Spanish Riddle Guy.

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Outstanding job, exhile! The translation does not disappoint--I have no Spanish knowledge myself so I've been waiting and hoping someone would translate it.


I got really excited seeing Quebec in there as I am currently in there (Quebec, that is).

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Thank you. It took a considerable amount of effort to transcribe and translate the poem.

I think I listened to it a dozen times on half speed to make sure I caught everything.

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