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Let's Cook: Record in a 1977 RV in Bushwick (ya like the one in Breaking Bad.)

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Hey guys,

Want to let you know about my new podcast recording studio at 603 Hart St Brooklyn NY. Book online at www.podcastrv.com $30 / hr for members. It's not just some mics, we support you all the way. It's also a studio where you can crack a few beers if you're chill about it (fits about 10 ppl.) We started and are still going as an internet radio station KPISS.FM but we recently expanded into a podcast network and recording studio. Whether you want to join forces or have a rad place to do your own thing, check us out. Thanks! email podcastrv@gmail.com w any Qs. @podcastrv @kpissfm

New Project.png


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Oh my - this is sensational! Congrats on getting this off the ground while still being on the ground.

I feel this is so unique it should be peddled far and wide on the reddits of this world.

Got any internal shots? I'd love to tell my pals on social about it, because you're awesome!

Have a great Sunday.

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