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Episode 129 - Charmed, I'm Sure

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Negin is joined by Matt Rogers, Leah Bonnema, Baratunde Thurston, Jody Avirgan, Jason Selvig, and Davram Stiefler to consider questions such as: What does it mean for people to be charming? Will millennials save the institution of marriage? Are we all just selling ourselves online?

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The more I listened, the more I decided that charming seems to be somewhere in the middle of cheeky and sweet. The celebrities I'd list as charming are Ellen DeGeneres, Trevor Noah, Idris Elba, Hassan Minhaj, Danai Gurira, and Ian McKellen. I totally agree with Patrick Stewart, too!

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Barbara Bush was exceptionally charming, and Chelsea Clinton even manages to be charming on Twitter. George Takei has a certain sort of charm. Jimmy Carter is super charming, as was (in a different way) Anthony Bourdain.

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