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145. My First Job Interview Ever

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In 90 minutes, a graphic design student will have her first-ever job interview. Luckily, Gethard is on the phone to help her get calmed down and psyched up.

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I used to listen each week to Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People, but I feel the content has shifted gears in the last few months toward a younger audience and life events/experiences they go through, which makes this podcast less interesting to me (I’m 52 years old). It’s a shame this show doesn’t seem to have a wider scope; people my age and others of varying age would listen more regularly because the concept is wonderful and Chris is fantastic.

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I am a c-1 quadriplegic and I am about to be a father her story rings so true people don't realize we weigh 200kgs in our chair and a little step is still a step  was great hearing her interview i'm sure she will be great




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