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Witchboard (1986)

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This movie is a classic BEGGING to be part of the HDTGM canon.  You get:

- Tawny Kitaen

- Tawny Kitaen's boobs

- Tawny Kitaen's acting

- Stephen Nichols (Patch from Days of Our Lives)

- Kathleen Wilhoite (Luke's sister from Gilmore Girls)

- Rose Marie (The Dick Van Dyke Show!!!)

- Supernatural terror

- Weird pronunciation of the word Ouija

 - It's free on the Shout TV streaming app

I really think all 3 hosts could really sink their teeth into this flick and have a lot of fun with it.



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I think Witchtrap (1989) is the superior batshit Kevin S. Tenney "Witch" film. Full movie up for free on youtube. 

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