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Sliver (1993)

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Well, parts of them. Repeatedly. Or so I've heard...


If we had tivo boxes where you could pause and rewind live TV back then, I might still be there.

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I kept waiting for things to make sense, but they never did. I hoped for a cathartic ending that explained any sort of character motivation, but was left with one of the most abrupt fades-to-black of all time. Rated 11% on the TomatoMeter by critics and 27% by audiences, this Sharon Stone-Billy Baldwin-Tom Berenger movie feels ripe for the HDTGM treatment. 

There are murders but the motive is never clarified! There is gratuitous 90s nudity! Sharon Stone is a professional woman with a quippy best friend but no discernible personality! The movie sort of focuses on a possibly haunted/serial killer inhabited apartment building, but a huge proportion isn't even set in the spooky building! Rear Window meets The Secret meets Perfect meets The Color of Night meets... maybe Hackers? It's weird, real weird. Thanks, Hulu.


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On 10/18/2013 at 12:10 AM, DeathToMikeyBay said:

I could be mistaken, but from I remember of this movie, Sharon Stone never gets topless for the sex scenes. If so, that would be the most baffling part of this movie: that an erotic thriller couldn't convince a freshly post-Basic Instinct Sharon Stone to get half naked.


The only other thing I remember about the movie was way too much Baldwin ass. Who does he think he is, Sly?

I think at this point in her career, she was sick of being nude in films. I vaguely remember reading interviews about Basic Instinct at the time and she didn’t sound happy with her nudity in parts of the film (notably the scene where she flashes the cops) because Paul Verhoeven tricked her. 

She gave credit to Basic Instinct for making her a star, but I think she had her heart set on doing more serious drama. And it worked. I believe her next movie was Casino.

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