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Pure Guava

Attendees of the SF show please note...

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Saturday 2/2 is Groundhog's Day and oh, would you look at that, it happens to be my birthday, I was going to tell you about parking around the venue but since you brought it up I should remind you that due to ancient birthday/holiday laws I'm eventually going to find myself in a Bill Murray/Groundhog's Day/time loop situation when I wake up on 2/2.  So to cover all my bases I thought I'd ask anyone going to the show what their dream birthday present would be.

Because if I'm looping tomorrow?  Sure I'll have time to rob banks and master piano playing (if your birthday wish is for a time wizard to play a solid gold piano for you you are already covered)  but for those with bigger, less weird dreams let me potentially make them come true. Don't worry about identifying yourself because after 10,000 live HH shows every single one of you will be on stage eventually or I'll just pick your pocket and read your license (don't worry about your valuables, it's for identification purposes only, remember, I will be a master jewel thief/bank robber by then and don't need the 43$ out of your wallet).


Chef Kevin, if you are reading this  I can't make Anime girls become real no matter how many loops so pick something practical.

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