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I just made this account for this. I have sent Instagram DMs to half of the earwolf network with the hope that Andy Daly will see his illegitimate child/youngerbrother/Arnold to his devito(a la twins[no offense Andy.])

This is the evidence. 



Pic file is too large. But watch the little dude walk on stage like 15 seconds in and tell me what you see. 

I'll tell you what you see. 


You know you see it. I've been trying to make this go viral for almost 2 hours now. I'm running out of options to get this news to the masses. 

This has taken up most of my friday afternoon now so I need to see results. I want this to be talked about people.

But what I really want is a new Carmax commercial with both Andys(Andies?).

So work message board magic. Somebody do the work that I am too ignorant to make reality. Somebody take the small amount of work I've done and make greatness happen. 

Do it for the kids.... 

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