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This Week in Sports with Jacquis Neal

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This Week in Sports with Jacquis Neal continues to bring you the hardest hitting interviews with sports figures that you love. This week Jacquis talks with the big baller themselves, LaVar Ball (Carl Tart) & Tina Ball (Moni Oyedepo) and the success behind their growing sports dynasty. Later on they're joined by Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones( Jake Sprague) o discuss the current state of the NFL. Later they're joined by special field reporter Aman Adumer for an update on regional championships."


Jacquis Neal



Carl Tart


Moni Oyedepo


Jake Sprague


Aman Adumer


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Love it!  If a series of this would essentially be a sports version of Hard Nation, then I'm 100% on board.

(That said, Chris Cox will always be the one true Podcast Jerry Jones.)

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