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My Fake Fiancé (2009)

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So after having watched Holiday in Handcuffs, I kept seeing My Fake Fiancé pop up in my Hulu suggestions and I finally watched it and was kind of amazed at how it was basically the exact same movie minus the kidnapping. Melissa Joan Hart plays a single woman who is the black sheep of her family and she comes up with a plot to fake a relationship to meet her own selfish needs. In this case, she spends all her money buying a house and then has her moving van stolen. So she comes up with a plot to fake a wedding in order to replace all her furniture and appliances with another 90's teen heartthrob in Joey Lawrence. 

Oh, and just like Holiday in Handcuffs, MJH again plays a woman who is just SHIT upon by her parents.

Within the first 5 minutes of the movie these characters meet for the first time and immediately begin sniping at each other and being generally unlikable. I think the wildest scene is when MJH and Joey are taking care of her niece and nephew and they share a bed for the first time and finally give in to temptation and begin hardcore making out. They get interrupted, but they were full on going to the Bone Zone with 2 young children in the next room!

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