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Episode 87 - Tim Meadows - Spotlight On: Duncan Petway

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Brace yourselves, WOMPsters! This week’s guest is the fabled Duncan Petway (Tim Meadows of SNL, Schooled), father of Listler’s child as well as her former flame. Marissa comes to grips with Duncan’s bold reentry into Listler’s life as he explains the timing of his return, why he’s come back, and what went so badly the first time around. Plus, Duncan takes aim at foreign phrases during “What’s Cheesing You?” and offers advice on shacking up for “Listler’s Love Lockdown”. Finally, Listler turns Marissa’s world upside down by making a profound, life-altering decision.

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I hope the ending of this episode doesn't mean the show is going on hiatus again... 

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