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I can't believe this login name wasn't already taken...

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I learned about your existence in this universe on the Free Beer and Hot Wings Show. I am not really a sports fan, so I didn't know about Cheap Seats. I am also not exactly "in tune" with the comedy scene. That being said, I LOVE YOUR PODCAST! The format, the humor, the anti-semitism, everything. Speaking of that, I think if Hitler were still alive, your podcast just might make him rethink The Third Reich. Damn! Hit Godwin's Law already.


I have begun telling everyone I know about it, but like always, 9 people out of 10 don't listen to me.


FB&HW will always (at least for right now) be on the top of my podcast queue, but you guys are definitely No. 2. Hope that didn't come across as a poop reference.


Two questions: Does Jason wear glasses and grow a beard to distinguish himself from Randy?


Will you guys ever do a standup show in Maine? Or New Hampshire? I'd LOVE to check that out.


Lastly, I want you both to know that as soon as the spring melt begins, I'm going to find out what the biggest waterfall is within 100 mile of my home, travel to it, and punch it. Maybe multiple times. Just to see what it feels like.


Sorry this post is void of Sklar puns, I'm simply not that clever today.


Keep up the good work,


Corey in Maine

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I also can't believe this one wasn't taken. SC is my favorite podcast and makes my Fridays at work so much more enjoyable. Favorite episode so far has to be the final episode of 2011 with all the special guests. Keep it up Sklars! Henderson!


Matt in Denver, long time clone and Sklarbro Country resident. Punch a Waterfall!


PS, You guys really need to do an episode with Jim Rome and many more with Jay Mohr.

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John -- the drop is from the play-by-play guy (can't recall his name) at the 1972 Summit Series b/w Canada and Russia. It was at the end of the final game when Canadian player Paul Henderson made the winning goal. It was kind of a "shot heard round the world" moment, but if you are young enough and/or aren't into hockey, you wouldn't get it. I didn't get it when I first started listening to SC, I had to look it up. Here's a link to a youtube video about the series, focusing no Henderson:

If you fast forward to the last 1/4 or so, you can hear the drop they pulled.


I agree, more Jay Mohr. Also, more Kyle Dunnigan as Craig Pullin! Since that show, I have watched all his videos at least once, hilarious! Also, more fake Jesse Ventura, that is my favorite impression of all.


Keep up the good work, Sklars!

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