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Señor Slapnuts

Hangman's Curse (2003)

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AKA Frank Peretti's Hangman's Curse

It stars Leighton Meester from Gossip Girl and David Keith. It's a Christian horror film.  They are a family who work as undercover paranormal investigators

This, my friends, is kind of my own personal Moby Dick of hard-to-find bad movies. I originally got a screener of it years ago and was horrifically delighted. Then I lost it and couldn't find a copy anywhere, no matter how hard I looked. (Meaning once every few years I'd make a half-hearted attempt to find a copy )

Fortunately, the entire movie is available on YouTube should anyone want to check it out (with subtitles). I'm linking to the trailer.

Come for author Frank Peretti mugging it up in his own movie like Doc Brown's less fortunate sibling, stay for stellar dialogue like this, from the school jock to the new Christian girl:

"Do you believe in the hereafter?"

"Most definitely."

"Good. Then you must know what I'm here after."

It's bonkers.



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