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Cam (2018)

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Cam, the recent 2018 Netflix original movie.

Holy fuck. This is the next I Know Who Killed Me. It comes off like Jeff Hammond teamed up with Diablo Cody to write a Lifetime movie morality tale, and somehow Lifetime was totally cool with making it rated R.

It's about a cam girl who makes a living off a Chatterbate type site. The portrayal of such sites is half technically accurate, half clueless Lifetime portrayal. The chat is users spamming animated emojis of smiley faces popping boners. It becomes comical the tens of thousands of custom emojis and pictures everyone has ready to go at every kind of situation. The protagonist's shows are half extreme stunts, half insanely banal (watch me eat a candlelight dinner and the highest donor gets to decide which dish I eat?). She doesn't really feature any nudity during the show, but the movie is fine with showing her boobs after the show is over?

For some reason, her motivation isn't to make money, but to beat all the other models on the site and become the #1 most popular.  None of the top models get naked. The #1 model's show is sitting on her bed reciting how her day went. The other models feature shows to actively sabotage her shows and draw away viewers, because it's all about being a higher ranking. Later on, she visits what is apparently the local communal cam girl abode, meaning all the local area cam girls rent out a house to do cam shows in and chill at the bar? It's like the assassin hotel in John Wick, only for cam girls. Insanity.

The protagonist is keeping her profession secret from her mother. Yet she is perfectly fine with not only telling her brother, but showing off pictures of her shows to him and bragging about moving up in the rankings. Wtf?????

So it seems on track to be a Lifetime movie, but then it becomes an I Know Who Killed Me inept David Lynch movie until it becomes COMPLETELY BATSHIT by the end, putting the whole stigmata twist in IKWKM to shame.

It is insane, glorious, and hilarious. Go on Netflix right now and watch it. You'll be howling in laughter in the first five minutes like I was.

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Ehhhh this movie was really good! Was one of my favorite horror movies of 2018 for sure.

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