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Comedy Of Errors, Act 1, Scene 1, Line 5

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Merchant of Syracusa, plead no more.

I am not partial to infringe our laws:

The enmity and discord which of late

Sprung from the rancorous outrage of your duke

To merchants, our well-dealing countrymen,

Who, wanting guilders to redeem their lives,

Have seal'd his rigorous statutes with their bloods,

Excludes all pity from our threat'ning looks.

For, since the mortal and intestine jars

'Twixt thy seditious countrymen and us,

It hath in solemn synods been decreed,

Both by the Syracusians and ourselves,

T' admit no traffic to our adverse towns:

Nay, more, if any, born at Ephesus

Be seen at Syracusian marts and fairs;

Again, if any Syracusian born

Come to the bay of Ephesus, he dies,

His goods confiscate to the duke's dispose;

Unless a thousand marks be levied,

To quit the penalty and to ransom him.

Thy substance, valu'd at the highest rate,

Cannot amount unto a hundred marks;

Therefore, by law thou art condemn'd to die.

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