Hey all! As promised, I’ve put together an updated Musical Mondays rotation. Nothing really has changed, in terms of order, except I’ve excised the people that can no longer participate. This should help eliminate the need to track people down when it’s their week. Of course, we welcome all our old friends to come back any time they can (as well as welcome new friends as they come ) Below is the current list of participants. If your name is not on the list, it’s because you have either asked to be removed or didn’t respond when I asked people to re-up. If you would like to be added (or re-added), feel free to say so 😀 Musical Mondays  Cameron H TomSpanks Cam Bert Quasar Sniffer Cinco DeNio JammerLea Grudlian SlidePocket Gigi-tastic Theworstbuddhist AlmostaGhost Graham S  
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