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Episode 295 - Mina Kimes, Our Close Friend

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And the HH is doing the best it has ever done since Kevin took the wheel and isn't that good and nice.
Scoop Troop get out your walkers with the tennis balls on the feet, some Hollywood Insider gossip comin right for you!

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gird your loins gentlefolk. this may be a sex-positive forum now, but it looks like we've caught something.

first a spammer bounced the hayes b-day thread (wow, this forum used to actually get some traffic back in the doodle!) and now i'm getting private messages with information that is both serious and urgent. and i'm not the only one. (this thing shows who is browsing the person's profile at the same time as you for some reason? like one night werewolf for creepy forum stalkers):

I think that's Sonic the Hedgehog's wife in which case I would surely write back, but I just don't know for sure... it might be an impersonator?


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Don't repost the spam.
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