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Episode 400 - 400th Episode: The Cake

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Dan Lippert, John Gemberling, and Jessica McKenna join Matt Besser to celebrate the 400th episode of improv4humans! They’ll perform scenes about a dress code bar, a common law high school fling, and a big-big brother program. Plus, they confront an airplane toenail clipper, take the fast pass on Mt. Everest, and deliver a post-improv set press conference. Besser reveals the cake conspiracy inside Earwolf.

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"The Cake"

Besser is brilliant.

The callbacks, the story arc, the performances.

5 stars all around for everybody involved.


Keep up the great work!

Thank you.

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The belittling and mocking of the needs of taller individuals in this episode is apalling. We will not be persecuted any longer! You shorties get your comfortable cars, planes, rides, and always have your size of clothes available in-store. Bet you've never even hit your head on shit. 



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