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I was forced to watch this as a child and it is just terrible. This is an 80's movie about a boy who is dormant for ten years and must readjust to this new life with a magical UFO. Please watch this, i need to know, how did this get made

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If this have been posted before, please ignore me. But growing up, I loved this movie. This is an ungodly piece of shit. Basically, it's about a kid gets hit on the head after being stupid (stupid meaning falling down Mac and Me style, kinda), wakes up in the future (which is 1986), meets Sarah Jessica Parker, hijacks a spaceship (which is controlled by Pee-Wee Herman) and God, I just don't know what else. I'd rather not read the Wikipedia page for more info. I just remember loving it when I was...young, and watching it again as an adult, and crying into a pillow as I cursed my parents' names for never taking me to Disneyworld. Surely someone else remembers this trainwreck, right?

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