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Looking for a particular episode of Bang Bang...

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Hi! There is an episode of Bang Bang that was released in the last few months where two characters whose catchphrase (on a previous episode) was "Solid as Barack", and on this episode they returned and their new catchphrase was "Tastes like candy".

Does anyone know what episode that is?? And if this post belongs in the Bang Bang forum somewhere, please advise – thank you in advance for any help!

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"Solid as Barack" was Ego Nwodim and Carl Tart as Bashford & Franklin in #534 Solid As A Rock.

The "Candy" bit was Carl playing Larry Blackmon from the band Cameo in #557 Word Down.

I don't think Bashford & Franklin have returned, but Ego played Entrée PeeE Neur in #543 The 9th Anniversary Show and brought Carl on as her brother Appetizer in #592 The PeeE Neurs.


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