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152. Life Is Not a Cabaret (with Blair Beeken)

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This was my first time listening to this particular podcast, and overall it was enjoyable. I thought their commentary on RHONY was on point and I was glad Casey called in to point out Tinsley's  monologue. It deserved a spotlight! I don't know if this is the norm with this podcast or just a fluke, but I feel like a couple of major points were missed or completely wrong during the RHOP segment. And being a Teddy (big loudmouth know-it-all), I can't help but point some of them out.

1. Gizelle asked Candiace to sing Happy Birthday to her dad. Candiace didn't do it spontaneously - not that she wouldn't have... Ashley DID start singing toward the end, but not to help Candiace out. She did it to fuck with Candiace. That's why she sang horribly off key on purpose.

2. Dooky Chase was a man. Leah Chase (a woman) was on the show and she is a highly regarded chef known as the Queen of Creole Cuisine. Ms. Chase died earlier this year (and I believe the show indicated as much with an "In Memory of" at the very end.

3. Monique is killing it this season! (Okay - I know this is just a matter of opinion, but REALLY!?!?) She's so funny and I think her sobriety adds another layer to this show. I also like her story with her mother-in-law this season. It's not too common for relationships to have a positive outcome on these shows. She's such a good sport for putting up with those drunk-ass women all the time!

4. Katie is super fucked up! I like her and I think she's very entertaining, but I really think she needs help. It was pretty obvious to me that she's using some illicit substances and her behavior really backs up that theory. (Not to mention the hair. What in the hell is up with the hair??? It looks like she lost her comb weeks ago!)

Ahhh! That feels better. (I'll go through a Rage and Regret cycle soon...)

I think I'll keep listening. It's interesting to hear their perspective on the shows. I regularly listen to Watch What Crappens and I adore Ben and Ronnie! Bitch Sesh is very different from that, but equally enjoyable. Thanks for entertaining me, and for allowing me a know-it-all indulgence.


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