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Episode 217.5 - Minisode 217.5

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18 hours ago, LTL said:

Deadfall was awful not even fun ...just AWFUL...Michael Biehn is very attractive that's the best I can say.

I am glad I found the Nicolas Cage clips on YouTube, he is insanely over the top and everyone else looks like they’re asleep. Even that 1/2 hour is fairly unbearable. Kudos on making it through the whole film!

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31 minutes ago, WatchOutForSnakes said:

was this movie shot by Tommy Wiseau? wow.  just wow. 

ETA: IMDb says this has an estimated $10,000,000 budget!?

If this movie cost $10 million, it must have all gone up their noses.

maybe this movie was actually a money-laundering front?

BTW, I will never be able to look at a fast food deep fryer in the same way again. That’s a scene I wish I could unsee. Not kidding, just wipe it from my mind.

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Very excited for this episode. Cage's portrayal of The Joker is up there with Ledger's as far as I'm concerned. Joaquin has got some big shoes to fill! 

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This should be in the forum for the episode, but it doesn't appear to exist:

So, you're saying the cake is a lie, in some way?

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