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Question about a movie theater chain mentioned by Paul?

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Hi guys!

Sorry for the post, but this has been really bugging me: 

I can’t find the episode in which Paul talks about a date night where he goes to a movie theater that’s adults-only and has some kind of privacy pods. Anybody remember what I’m talking about? I really want to find the theater chain he mentioned but I can’t remember which episode it was in. Thanks!

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I also don't remember which episode it was, so I don't know for sure.  But I remember when he described it, I thought it sounded similar to the IPIC in Westwood.  Looking at their website, it appears different IPIC theaters have different amenities, but this is what their website says about the IPIC in Pasadena:

"Experience an intimate date night or gathering with friends & family in our auditoriums, lounge and bar spaces. Enjoy the latest films reclined in the privacy of our patent pending custom designed Pods where you can dine in the dark and enjoy our chef-driven theater menu and mixology offerings."

Again, I'm not 100% sure that this was the chain that Paul mentioned, but I definitely remember thinking about this chain in relation to what Paul said.  If you want to know for sure and if no one here can point you to the right episode, your best bet would probably be to tweet at the Unspooled Twitter account and ask.

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