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Does VIP ticket just mean better seats? NYC

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I was late to ticketmaster for the early show this Wednesday in NYC and literally got a seat in the last row in the balcony, but I was there the second the late show went on sale and got a pair in front row orchestra.  The first 2 rows came up as VIP and were $20 more than the rest of the orchestra - I'm guessing the extra $20 "VIP" is just a premium charge for the first 2 rows, but would be bummed to find out after the fact that perhaps they include a meet a greet?   Does anyone know for sure either way?

Can't wait for the double feature this Wednesday (about to watch "High Strung" right now)!  Enjoy - Paul

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I have tickets for when they come to Seattle. I think the VIP included a book signing with June, although I would imagine at least Paul would hang around.

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