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Episode 304 - Tom Scharpling and Will Hines, Our Third Host Audition

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TOM SCHARPLING returns for another attempt to become the third host with guest WILL HINES.


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If they make an email address for questions to close out the Pro Version and don't use the forums... we must declare the forums dead.

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Hello Friendos! I made an Earwolf account now! It only took me about 6 years to get around to it but I finally made it! Am I literally too late? NoHorseMan said he was ready to declare the forums dead... Is that's true?

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Also in my humble opinion this episode was nice, funny, and smart, but the conflict between the boys made it too scary for me. Hearing Sean and Hayes pretend to argue a little bit is like having someone tell you a mouse might have died in the room you're in. Just the idea that there could be a mouse skellington in the room and you don't even know it is terrifying.

Good episode, but faint of heart listeners beware. This episode may be too scary.

P.S. Tom is not an unfunny asshole. I think he's actually a pretty nice guy.

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either i censored my own post while i was drunk in a fit of "on wee" (ennui) or someone censored me for me, but thank you to us for removing my embarrassing pandering. (also, yes, this is an incredibly good tom and in my making-my-way-through-HH-history archives I just happen to be on , Nov 17, 2015, Handbook East. Ep 110)

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