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Normally I wouldn't blame the performers BUT...

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I just realized I missed the Medford, MA Comedy Bang Bang show Wed night even though I bought tickets. I got the date confused. Normally I'd just blame my wife or myself BUT I'm sure they noticed from stage--two seats that had been paid for EMPTY! How hard would it have been for them to take a few minutes to find out my email address from the ticket sales company and hit me with a quick email? I live in NH so I probably could have gotten there in time to see the theater crew cleaning up from the show and I have a feeling I really would have loved that.

I thought you guys were cool.

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    Maybe you should not get so high for the entire week next time.  😜  jk, man. I don't know you.  It just seems like something I'd do sans blaming the performers, though maybe I would because I've never been in your shoes.  That must of really sucked when you found out. 

   I got your seats but they cancelled because too many people had to be emailed.  All of the performers were in cubicles emailing people about which Wednesday on what date.  Despite the chanting they all just tiredly walked across the stage with their lunch boxes, pointed at their watches, shrugged, punched out and went home.  Nobody said anything.   The audience just got emails from the performers stating they were too tired from emailing everyone, which was kind of cool, but mostly it sucked.

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Man... I hate podcast ads... But, this sounds like a candidate for that new podcast where they read bad reviews from entitled people.... I literally don't know the name, because I literally don't give a fuck about any advertisement - and take out my earphones the moment I hear one starting, regardless of podcast..... 


But "boo hoo! I have the expendable income to buy tickets I literally can't keep track of!  Why doesn't someone keep track of my calendar - so I can show up to things I've paid money for?! Why haven't I hired a Butler or personal assistant yet?!"  .... Sounds like a great fucking candidate for whatever that one is... Sand is too grainy, sea is too wet - or some stupid bullshit like that

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