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406: Reproductive Coercion, Trump Admin Asks SCOTUS to Legalize Firing LGBTQ Workers, Guest Kayla McLaughlin

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The latest stories on this week’s Throwing Shade – but first, a very important Lori Loughlin update! Erin talks about a recent study regarding “reproductive coercion,” or the interference with a partner’s reproductive decision-making process, and other sad facts relating to the abusive behavior. Then, Bryan takes us through the most recent Trump injustice following a request by the administration asking the Supreme Court to legalize firing employees on the basis of sexual orientation. Plus, Physician Assistant Kayla McLaughlin joins to discuss what drew her to the field of transgender medicine, little-known facts about gender affirming surgery, and the one time she spent a holiday with Keanu Reeves.

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I’ve been listening for about 3 years and love everything about your show, especially the pleasure you two take in each other. Listening to you “improv” off each other and crack yourselves up is so god damn entertaining!  I love your passion for the issues you discuss. But this weeks interview with Kayla McLaughlin was above and beyond. She was so insightful, plain spoken and inspiring at the same time. So proud of all of you!  Xoxoxo

PS - Bryan it’s ok to cut off contact with your parents.  You deserve people in your life who love & cherish you.  Just because you’re related doesn’t mean people are allowed to treat you poorly.  They should be your biggest champions.  It’s ok to let them go.  Sending you strength & love.







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